University Foundation - Egmontstraat 11, 1000 Brussels

Women in Science Day conferences continue to explore how to speed up the transition to gender equality in scientific careers.

In its 2024 edition, BeWiSe invites higher education students, academics, university professionals and policy-makers to discuss the “Matilda effect”, and how this barrier to gender equality can be lifted. To inspire their peers, scientists will also present their latest research with a gender dimension. Participants will explore the following questions:

  •  Session 1 What is the Matilda effect and how does it affect the career of women researchers?
    • Prof. Patrizia Zanoni (UHasselt)
  • Session 2: What measures can be taken to minimize the Matilda effect? Experiences from the field
    • Prof. Damya Laoui – Laboratory of Dendritic Cell Biology and Cancer Immunotherapy (VUB)
    • Badra Djait – coordinator Diversity and Inclusion (UGent)
    • Mieke Cannaerts – PhD student (KULeuven)
    • Indra Weber – Project Manager CALIPER (ULB)
  • Session 3: (How) is the gender dimension included in research? Researchers share their current practices in varied scientific disciplines.
    • Prof. Laure Jacquemin – gender dimension in Tinnitus treatment research (UAntwerpen)
    • Dr. Ana Correa Harcus – gender equality in technological developments and AI (KULeuven)
    • Samantha Brunt – gendered research in Horizon Europe (UGent)
    • Cindy Eira Nunes & Elliana (Elli-Anastasia) Lamprianidou – Gender Traditionalism in Parenthood: The Link Between Mothers’ and Fathers’ Gender Beliefs and Their Parental Involvement (ULB)

We will start with a networking lunch at 12h30.

We would like to thank the Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO) for sponsoring this event.

The Mathilda effect