Do you ever feel overwhelmed with work? Do you have a hard time navigating work-family-social life conflicts? Join us on Thursday 19/10 for a Lunch & Learn on work-life balance and maintaining balance at work.

The pandemic, new technologies and the pace of complex and unpredictable events is profoundly impacting how we work. These new trends are not only impacting our work-life/family balance, but also how we organize our time and manage our energy, set up boundaries at work. During this online workshop, you will learn all about successful time-management, self-management strategies for personal boundary control (physical, social, mental and emotional) and self-care, among others.

Agnes Uhereczky is an experienced change management professional and has coordinated a number of research projects into exploring the new world of work, learning about how working parents and carers cope with daily demands of work and family life. She co-founded the WorkLife HUB and is currently working as a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion expert at VIB.

Please register before Tuesday 17/10. A link to the online meeting room will be sent to registered participants prior to the event.