Museum of Natural Sciences (knowledge center/library ) - Vautierstreet 29 1000 Brussels
Free - strict cancellation policy!

Getting credit for your ideas, discussions about authorship,… These are topics that might not lead to the most constructive and satisfying conversations, aren’t they? Till now! Join us on Thursday, April 18th and Thursday, May 16th to learn how to make your needs more visible in interactions, and how to make sure that those needs are actually taken into account.

Working as a researcher means working in an exciting context with many challenges: multiculturalism, different personalities, different communication styles, high expectations, time pressure, performance pressure, unpredictability in terms of funding, a historically highly hierarchical context, … In two interactive workshops, you will learn how to take your claim more successfully, in a constructive way.

Workshop part 1: 18 April 13h-17h

In the first workshop the focus is on

  • the importance of role/person distinction, and on getting (more) grip on your professional identity
  • delivering assertive messages without offending conversation partners
  • communicating in a solution focused way: starting from what you do want, building further on what is already working and using small steps that are achievable.
  • consciously choosing how you want to interact with others, instead of reacting “on autopilot”
  • dealing (even) better with the richness of differences in communication styles

Workshop part 2: 16 May 13h30-17h

The second workshop is a follow-up workshop, in which we build further on successes and ‘fascinating failures’, and work with some basics of conflict management.

About two weeks before the first session, you will receive an intake questionnaire in which you are asked about your specific learning needs. This enables us to tune the sessions maximally to your needs.

Wendy Van den Bulck is an experienced trainer and coach. Since 2015 she works mainly in academic contexts, i.e. universities and research institutes in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and Germany. Her core topics include (Self)Leadership and Communication.

Strict no-show policy
If you register, make sure to keep both workshop days free (18/04 and 16/05) as the second workshop day is a follow-up of the first. Places are limited to 12 BeWiSe members, so it is important that you guarantee your presence. We will have a strict no-show policy: if you cannot make it, the latest cancellation option is two weeks in advance of the first workshop, in which case we will grant your spot to the next person on the waiting list.