Museum of Natural Sciences - Vautierstreet 29 1000 Brussels

This year, BeWiSe is celebrating its 20th anniversary!

Going down memory lane
Together with the past presidents, we take a dive into the achievements of the past 20 years and honour the exceptional women researchers that have been part of BeWiSe. We will take a sneak peak of what the future brings, and are looking forward to hearing your ideas and views on where BeWiSe should make a difference.

  • Prof. Isa Schön – Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
  • Carole Paleco – Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
  • Dr. Ann Van der Jeugd – KULeuven

Gender mainstreaming at Federal Scientific Institutes 

  • Thierry Glinne – Coordinator Gender-Equality-Disability-Diversity-GEP BELSPO

Inspirational talks: going for leadership
Two inspirational leading women in science will share their career path and experiences, reflect on achievements and hurdles and give advice for junior female researchers that want to go for a leadership position in science.

  • Prof. Wilfrida Decraemer (BeWiSe honorary member, Ghent University, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences)
    Professor Wilfrida Decraemer is a biologist who spent her career studying nematodes, in marine and terrestrial environments. She studied in Ghent University, and worked at the Royal Belgian Institutes of Natural Sciences and Ghent University. She received several international awards for her work throughout her career and was always an advocate for the representation of women in sciences. Wilfrida is one of the founding members of BeWise. 
  • Eng. Katrien Van Tichelen (KULeuven and SCK CEN, the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre)
    Katrien Van Tichelen is leading the research activities on liquid metal thermal hydraulics and component technology at SCK CEN, the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre, since 2010. She joined the Liquid Metal Technology (LMT) R&D team at SCK CEN after obtaining a master degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Leuven in 1998. In 2000, Katrien completed her master in nuclear engineering. The LMT R&D team consists of researchers, project engineers, PhD students and technical staff that define, design, build and conduct research programs, both experimental and numerical, to support the design and safety analysis of nuclear reactor prototypes cooled by lead or its alloys. Katrien is also lecturer on nuclear thermal hydraulics at the SCK CEN Academy and editor of the Elsevier Journal of Nuclear Engineering and Design. 

Celebratory reception
Celebrate women in science and meet exceptional women from all ages and career stages.

Note: a  babysit will be foreseen at the location, sponsored by BeWiSe. An email will be sent to all registered participants to inquire about babysit needs.