Our unique mentoring programme extends to all scientific institutions, regions and language communities in Belgium.

We accept candidates (both mentees and mentors) for a mentoring path twice a year (starting at the end of September and at the end of January).

Are you starting your career, do you want to increase career satisfaction and discuss questions that matter to you?

Do you have more than 10 years of experience and want to build up confidence, transmit and give back to the profession?

Apply now and you will also learn new things about yourself and expand your network.

The pairing of mentor and mentee is made outside of the mentee’s field of research, so as to broaden the thinking horizon and avoid unhelpful competition. This approach has proven to be fruitful with mentees and mentors since 2012.

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To whom is this mentoring programme dedicated

Mentees are women at the beginning of their scientific careers who are typically in their third-year doctoral studies. It is for women who would like to increase their knowledge of scientific careers, who want to position themselves better in the scientific community and who want to boost their careers thanks to exchanges with a mentor.

Men can also apply to the programme, priority will be given to women as we aim to reduce the gender gap at top scientific positions.

Mentors are scientists, women and men, having typically at least 10 years of scientific research experience after their doctoral degree and who would like to share their knowledge and extensive professional experience to help young women at the beginning of their careers.

Criteria for the mentors

The candidate has more than 10 years of experience and wishes to participate in the programme as a mentor.

Criteria for the mentee

The candidate is either at an advanced stage of her doctoral work or is undertaking post-doctoral research

The candidate is working as a researcher and envisages continuing her academic path.

The candidate wishes to reflect further on her position in the academic field through regular exchanges with a mentor.


By filling in the forms, mentees and mentors engage with the programme and commit to following the programme’s rules, including active exchanges, participation in network events, and providing feedback to BeWiSe.

Other advantages of becoming a mentor or mentee

You receive personal invitations for focused lunches and other joint activities*. Your input about the theme for Lunch & Learn sessions or other activities are highly appreciated.

BeWiSe supports exchanges between the mentee and mentor by covering the travel expenses in Belgium based on the price of a second-class train ticket.

*Lunch & Learn sessions and other activities are held in English. Meetings between pairs will be in the language(s) of their choice.

How does it work?

Interested and committed? Follow the next steps:

  1. Upload your application form, your CV, your motivation letter and for mentees a summary of your thesis and advancement stage below or send to by January 31 or September 30.
  2. Make sure you are an affiliated member
  3. You receive a confirmation of your application and an invitation to the mentee workshop (beginning of February or beginning of October).
  4. You attend the mentee workshop (obligatory), in order to help you prepare for the mentoring trajectory and for us to get to know you and pair you with a suitable mentor
  5. The selection committee matches the pairs and informs the participants of the decision within 1 month (i.e. end of February or end of November).
  6. Each mentee contacts her/his potential mentor to discuss and agree upon shared objectives, work styles and minimum frequency of exchanges. (Note: If needed, the selection committee adjusts the pairing)
  7. At the end of the mentoring (typically 12 months), mentees and mentors share the key findings of their experience with the BeWiSe community based on an evaluation form and/or closing event.

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Application process

application process

Apply now!

1. Download the presentation and application form

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2. Upload the filled application form and supporting documents

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