Research Foundation Flanders (FWO)
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During this captivating evening at the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) in Brussels, inspirational women in STEM leadership will share experiences and advice from their leadership journeys.

From leading in male-dominated environments to showing up as your authentic self, this unique event will leave you inspired, energised and equipped with valuable tools to continue your leadership journey with confidence.

Amazing line-up:
🎯 Christine Durinx, Managing Director at VIB, the Flemish Institute for Biotechnologies
🎯 Christiane Malcorps ex- Solvay Executive Director
🎯 prof Bea De Gelder, ERC grantee Maastricht University

Some key figures regarding female leadership in research and innovation in Belgium

Women remain considerably under-represented among institution heads at a European level. In Belgium, the situation has improved and 37% of the heads of higher education institutions are women (She Figures, 2021).

However, for universities or assimilated institutions that have the capacity to deliver PhDs, the percentage is only 9.1% (or 1 out of 11). There is also room for improvement in the representation of women among board members and board leaders in the public and private sectors.

Equal representation of women among board members in research organisations is not only essential to ensure equality in decision-making, but also to allow equal access to funding. In 2019, only 1 out of 4 board members were women (25.1%) and less than one-fifth of board leaders (14.3%) were women in Belgium.

BeWiSe and other female-empowering organisations set clear targets to increase female representation in leadership, meaning that you, and people like you, stand the greatest chance of closing the gap with the support of everyone involved in the chain from hiring to board rooms.”