GirLS leading in science 2022 contest: congrats!

Februari 25, 2023

A great day with inspiring, creative and dedicated students. With a big thank to their teachers, Solvay, the Planetarium, Innoviris and all volunteers for making this event a success!

WiS day 2023: Gender-Fair Recruitment in Academia

March 11, 2023

During our yearly BeWiSe WiS afternoon on March 11, speakers and participants provided a 360° view on how to improve gender balance during recruitment processes in academia and how to consider implicit bias.

Thanks to the active audience: young researchers, supervisors and faculty members (male & female), selection committees, diversity teams of universities and research funding agencies FWO and FNRS.


  • 12h30 Welcome & Lunch
  • 13h30 Panel 1: Are there concrete gender and diversity rules for recruitment at Belgian universities?
  • 14h20 Panel 2: Professors take the floor: What is the recruitment process like behind closed doors?
    Coffee/tea break and networking
  • 15h30 How can YOU recruit diverse and gender-fair?

Find an overview of guidelines and toolboxes on how to recruit diverse and gender-fair via this link.

Check the video to know why we still need such events.

WiseNight drawing contest results

WiseNight is not finished yet… We are delighted to announce the winners and share the drawings of WiseNight EU4U drawing contest that took place at the Museum and at the Planetarium under the theme “draw yourself as a scientist”

We wish Amelia (Mia) Peralta (age 6), Faouzi Bougmar (age 10), Hanne Segers (age 6) and Lina Karous (age 7) a great life full of science and arts !

BeWiSe Board

WiseNight: mission accomplished!

September 26, 2021 Tania

The European Researchers’ Night WiseNight coordinated by Bewise brought together young and old, curious minds, supporters of gender equality in scientific careers and enthusiastic MSCA fellows.

Discover some pictures of the 2 days science festival at the Museum and the Planetarium. Thanks to all who made this possible!

Join us in Brussels for WiseNight on Sept. 24 & 25, 2021, register now and spread the word!

WiseNight is a fun and inclusive event that aims to bring science and scientists in contact with the public interactively. We aim to show that science is about passion, teamwork and for anyone with an insatiable curiosity to discover and change the world.

Join us to marvel at the universe, explore the depths of water and oceans research, unearth the wonders of our lands and forests, and discover what being a scientist is all about.

We offer a variety of free activities, including workshops for children and youth, movie projections in the Planetarium dome, interactions with researchers, debates and a splendid photo exhibition displaying inspiring scientists of today. Check the programme and register NOW !

This European Researchers’ Night WiseNight project is funded by the European Commission under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101036009.

We are thankful to BeWiSe volunteers who support the project, including VIB-International Plant Biotechnology Outreach (IPBO) for providing a science outreach training.

Fantastic: BeWise wins a competitive grant to organise a "Researchers Night"

Bewise and its partners are granted an European Researcher’s Night grant by the European Commission. During the Christmas holidays, the BeWiSe board and partners worked very hard in compiling an amazing grant proposal. And the EC agreed: our WISENIGHT proposal was selected for funding amongst 137 proposals, so this is truly an achievement.

It’s a comprehensive package of support, and we will be hosting more than 80 science outreach activities for children, adolescents and adults in both the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences and the Royal Observatory of Belgium on September 24 and 25 2021. Please save this date, everyone welcome!

We aim for a society where science contribution to our planet’s well-being is valued by citizens and where researchers of all genders and backgrounds inspire the young to embrace scientific careers.

We are now working hard to make it happen with our partners: the Royal Observatory of Belgium, the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, les Jeunesses Scientifiques en Belgique, GoodPlanet vzw, Ekoli vzw and BOS+ vzw. Supporters and contributors welcome! Contact us :

General Assembly 2019

On June 28, 2019 at our General Assembly we decided to join forces with Solvay and other partners to host an ambitious project targeting secondary school pupils. Girls Leading in Science should to increase our impact to achieve gender balance in scientific careers by addressing the issue at a young age. This project complements our movie and interactive tool – as well as the mentoring programme for early career adult scientists.

“Girls Leading in Science (GirLS)” contest encourages young people to undertake higher education in a scientific or technological field. Science and technology is everyone’s business, boys and girls alike… but this time, it’s the girls who lead the way!

Flemish and French-speaking high school students deal with a scientific or technical subject of their choice, get a video of their team, visit laboratories, take part in discussions on women’s scientific careers in R&D. The winner is offered the fee of her first year at university !

The project was started in 2018 by Solvay company. Belgian Women in Science asbl-vzw will host it from now on. Pupils and teachers stay tuned ! Pre-selection of the new edition is open until Nov. 6, 2019 !

Thanks to all members, supporters and volunteers for your contributions and continuous support.

Tania, for the Board

BeWiSe talks at ESOF 2018 about why so few girls chose fundamental science and engineering

Belgian Women in Science presented their initiatives taken in favor of gender equal representation in science studies at the EuroScience Open Forum in July 2018 in Toulouse.

A great opportunity for our Vice-President Justine Jacquemin (picture left) to exchange with other speakers about practices to improve the situation.