Bewise and its partners are granted an European Researcher’s Night grant by the European Commission. During the Christmas holidays, the BeWiSe board and partners worked very hard in compiling an amazing grant proposal. And the EC agreed: our WISENIGHT proposal was selected for funding amongst 137 proposals, so this is truly an achievement.

It’s a comprehensive package of support, and we will be hosting more than 80 science outreach activities for children, adolescents and adults in both the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences and the Royal Observatory of Belgium on September 24 and 25 2021. Please save this date, everyone welcome!

We aim for a society where science contribution to our planet’s well-being is valued by citizens and where researchers of all genders and backgrounds inspire the young to embrace scientific careers.

We are now working hard to make it happen with our partners: the Royal Observatory of Belgium, the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, les Jeunesses Scientifiques en Belgique, GoodPlanet vzw, Ekoli vzw and BOS+ vzw. Supporters and contributors welcome! Contact us :